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JEM Research Institute was founded by Dr. James Goldenberg, Dr. Eric Kramer, and Dr. Mark Goldstein to provide research alternatives for neurological conditions.  Several examples include Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, seizures and headaches. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge research alternatives for common but debilitating neurological conditions. JEM Research Institute is committed to contributing to the advancement and development of innovative treatments in the field of neurology. Our doctors and research staff are dedicated to conducting clinical trials in a professional and ethical manner, while always showing respect for our patients, our colleagues, and the community.

In February 2010 the JEM team relocated to a custom-designed 4,200-square-foot facility to accommodate the company’s rapid growth and to aid us in becoming the leading research site in our field. Our doctors and staff have more than 25 years of combined research experience.  We are currently working with some of the top pharmaceuticals companies on the latest investigational treatments in several different areas.

JEM fun fact:

The company name was derived from the first names of the three founding doctors: James, Eric, and Mark. Quite literally, they put their names "on the line," so please join the JEM family in the fight against neurologically degenerative conditions.


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